Monday, July 16, 2012

Raising two teenagers isn't really difficult. They cook, clean, bathe and complain. I believe the sign on their doors should read " I stay locked in my room because there are strangers in my house." That pretty much sums it up.  Our oldest is angry, bitter at times, judgmental, smart and completely hilarious. Our youngest is unable to pry himself away from his PS3 to realize civilization still exist outside and away from the couch. My husband and I both work full time away from the home, our home time consists of dinner, TV and then bed. (really totally exciting) We try an make the best of our time as a family, dinner together at least four times a week and the usual complaining and yelling down the hall and up/down stairs (this systems is best as opposed to a speaker system) or the occasional text! We have two K9 Americans yes "dogs" but they think they're human. We adopted them almost six years ago and they totally get me, I think they can read minds? I have a mediocre life, at least I think I do. I get the opportunity to speak with someone interesting everyday. By interesting, I mean absolutely NUTS! Of course arguing that point with them would in turn send me down WHACK JOB AVE. And with open arms plenty of people would probably be waiting, scary thought is........ most of them have met me before.

Sometimes I try to breakaway from the computers, cell phones and TV and pretend that I'm a "reader" really I do try. I just picked up this book "The Sixth Key" so far pretty good, it gets a thumbs up. But while reading I notice the remote tends to creep into my hand and instantly turn to the Food Network! Really all this is gonna do is make me hungry and yearn for that scrumptious treat on TV that I can't make. Upon this I will feel frustrated and ease my pain with a sugary,chocolaty, savory something.

Well beautiful people I wish you a most wonderful day/evening, blessed with harmonious dreams. Make a wish tonight, wake up and figure how to make it come true.

Till my next somewhat witty tale......

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