Tuesday, July 10, 2012

While folding another sheet I had an epiphany. Maybe someone does want to hear my thoughts. This is for those girls that have lost their voice, for those woman who can't help but remember and mostly for my daughter who like her mother knows the pain of memories that never go away. This is for us! Time and time again young girls, young women, adult women have fallen for lack of a better word, victim to repeated assaults and violence.  We have been heard, but what we need is a cure for the cancerous forms of human beings. Are we allowed to be angry? Are we allowed to point the finger at the present danger? And if yes than how do we remain human ourselves without losing who we are to the anger we feel?

For those of you who have endured the struggle to forgive, the struggle to move on. You're not alone, I am a mother, a survivor and once a victim. My daughter like her mother has had to reach beyond the nightmare and survive herself.  We are not the minority we used to be, maybe in today's present society it's spoken of more or reported more than before.

How do we cope with the day to day trauma that we will live through, see on TV or witness in plain sight.  Everyone of us has a story or nightmare that somehow does not translate into words we can share. Sometimes the blank stare is all we might give, the shivers in the middle of the night, the cold sweats we wake up with. These are things we might not be able to share with others but they are our feeling regardless. 

To those that may read this, hold tight to what is yours for it belongs to no other. Hold tight to your heart because it knows no limit, it has no boundaries for what it may encounter. Sometimes the only thing we have left is just us and us will have to be enough.

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