Monday, October 22, 2012

So while I'm sitting here a Panera thinking "oh how awesome is this little vacay" it's Friday October 19th about 10am. I'm sipping my pumpkin spice latte and eating a spinach artichoke suffle', reading a book. I really think yeah this is nice I like feeling a little free with hours of time on my hands. It then kinda strikes me that oh wow in a few days I'll be 35! 1st horrow sets in, then giult for sitting in a bakery/coffee place doing nothing, then finally regret the possible failure that I have done nothing remarkable in this lifetime.
This is a good thing! Well at least I'm saying it's a good thing. I thought by this time I'd have conquered the the Great wall of China, been to Belize and had a fruity girly drink in Bora Bora.  As you can tell that has not yet happened, I say not because it WILL. I will turn "one day" into a date on my calender I only have to covince the rest of the household that im not insane and this is  "GOOD THING."

So to get the ball rolling, brochures alot of brochures. Next saving $$$$$$ dinero is always nice to have so I need to get me some of taht stuff. DOLLA DOLLA BILL Y'ALL! Setting the date, easier said than done. Between two high schoolers, football, basketball, baseball, track oh yeah and two fulltime jobs hmmm let's see.  I will need to be resourcefull any bright ideas?  I'm on a mission to create some memories and will stop and nothing to do it. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

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