Tuesday, November 18, 2014

One Womans Bravery

Tonight I watched a very powerful video. A young woman speaks out and describes life in India as a female. Starting at the young age of seven and how her tutor victimized her, then how the adolescent boy spoke of things he could do to her on the internet. Her story leads to 18yrs later when she is twenty five and is brutally attack by two men. This was just the beginning, she continues to go on about a young woman savagley attack by six young men on a bus. I remember hearing this horrific encounter on the news. My heart cried for this girl, her pain and her fight. She survived the gruesome attack, she fought for weeks and finally succumed to her injuries. India could no longer deny or ignore the torment their women face everyday. In this day and age the brutal crimes against women and children has become far more severe than I could've imagined. The alarming rate of sexual violence committed on a day to day basis makes me question humanities survival. How can we continue to exist in such merciless world?


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